Gas adsorption in activated carbon

  • Air For Life contains a granular, activated carbon adsorbent.
  • The activated carbon is specially designed to store a much larger volume of oxygen than could be otherwise stored using compression alone.
  • The canister will still feel full even once it has been discharged.
  • Users should release the oxygen, as and when they require to breathe, in order to waste as little oxygen as possible.

Why Oxygen, Not Air?

  • Oxygen is the most important of all human needs.
  • In a fire oxygen levels rapidly deplete. If the oxygen level drop below 15 %, then filters alone (including filters found in smoke hoods) will not be sufficient in keeping a person alive. An external source of oxygen is the only way to survive such situations.
  • Pure oxygen is more effective than air at purging carbon monoxide out of the blood.
  • Someone who inhales pure oxygen will be more easily resuscitated since their tissues are heavily saturated with oxygen.

Prepare your household

Air For Life will aid your family’s survival and/or escape from emergencies such as domestic fires or terrorist attacks.

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Emergency escape device - designed by Firefighters

Air For Life, saving lives one breath at a time.