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Emergency escape device - designed by Firefighters

What is Air For Life?

Air For Life is an emergency escape device which provides the user with a self contained source of respirable air to survive and/or escape from emergencies, such as domestic fires and terrorist attacks, in which breathing may become impaired.

Our Product

Oxygen is the most important of all human needs.

If oxygen levels drop below 15 %, filters (including filters found in smoke hoods) will not be sufficient to keep a person alive. An external source of oxygen is the only way to survive such situations.

There were 30,744 dwelling fires attended in 2017/18.

Air For Life has a simple design.

Air For Life is designed for simple operation and rapid deployment. When the button on the top of the canister is pressed, a flow of cooled oxygen is released to the mask which is supplemented by air purified by the smoke and chemical filters.

Statistics indicate that around 85 % of deaths from fire-related incidents are due to being overcome by gas or smoke

Breathe, Escape, Survive.